Chocolates gift boxes

177 products

    Find a wide variety of chocolate bars, boxes and gifts bags. From Cadbury, Patchi, Lindt and many more brands to satisfy your tastebuds
    177 products
    Ferrero Rocher 24 Chocolates Box 300g
    Rs. 3,880
    Ferrero Rocher 16 Chocolates Box 200g
    Rs. 2,540
    Lindt Lindor Milk Ball 200g
    Rs. 2,990
    Ferrero Rocher Rafaello 15 White Chocolate 150g
    Rs. 1,890
    Sold Out
    Bolci Chocolate Spoons 54g
    Sale price Rs. 238 Regular price Rs. 475 Save Rs. 237
    Milkado Milk Chocolate Sticks 39g
    Rs. 210
    Nestle KitKat Senses Mini Desserts 202g
    Rs. 2,450
    Lindt Dulces Deseos Chocolate Box 150g
    Rs. 3,450
    Sold Out
    Kinder Joy Girl 3x20=60g
    Rs. 1,050
    Elit Gourmet Collection Chocolate Box Blue 252g
    Rs. 3,350
    Elit Truffle Gourmet Collection 225g
    Rs. 1,790
    Celebrations Tub 650g
    Rs. 4,300
    Nestle Smarties Mini Box 38g
    Rs. 225
    Nestle Quality Street Tin Box 900g
    Rs. 4,950
    Lindt Assorted Napolitains Box 350g
    Rs. 5,500
    Nestle Quality Street Tub 600g
    Rs. 3,990
    Lindt Lindor Strawberries & Cream White Chocolate 200g
    Rs. 2,990
    Lindt Slice Whole Milk Chocolate Box 125g
    Rs. 2,350
    Kinder Joy Boy 3x20=60g
    Rs. 1,050
    Bolci Belgian Finger Box 370g
    Sale price Rs. 1,375 Regular price Rs. 2,750 Save Rs. 1,375
    Bostani 3 Pcs Rose Box
    Rs. 1,850
    Valentino Belgian Truffles Box 185g
    Rs. 3,200
    Glico Milkado Milk Chocolate Stick 39g
    Rs. 220
    Guylian Original Praline Chocolate Box 168g
    Rs. 3,590
    Bolci Milk Chocolate Umbrella 27g
    Sale price Rs. 125 Regular price Rs. 250 Save Rs. 125
    Hershey's Special Dark 50% Cocoa Tin 50g
    Rs. 1,050
    Nestle Quality Street Tin 480g
    Rs. 2,990
    Patchi Perfetto FG2006 92g
    Rs. 6,500
    Sold Out
    Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Balls 500g
    Rs. 6,950
    Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Assorted Ball 500g
    Rs. 6,950
    Jewels Assorted chocolate 200g
    Rs. 2,450
    Cadbury Dairy Milk Large Tablet 850g
    Rs. 6,990
    Toffifee White Chocolate Box 125g
    Rs. 1,050
    Patchi Les Pieces Royales FG2002, 240g
    Rs. 17,500
    Patchi Les Noisettes FG2139, 290g
    Rs. 17,500
    Patchi Chocolate FG2026, 500g
    Rs. 29,500